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Now its easy to Go Green, Everywhere!


Collapse-A-Cup travel mugs and travel cups were created to provide a convenient cutting edge, high-tech way to enjoy beverages on the go while reducing waste and saving our natural resources. So whether you are at work, at a tailgating party or just on the go, the Collapse-A-Cup makes it easy to Go Green. Everywhere!

According to calculations reported by It is estimated that Americans used 23 billion disposable cups in 2010. The cost to produce those cups is estimated to be 1.4 million tons of wood, 9.4 million trees, 7 trillion BTU's of energy used, 77 thousand homes could be powered by those BTU's, 5.7 billion gallons of water and 363 million pounds of solid waste produced. Because many of these disposable cups are lined with plastic materials to prevent leaking, they can't be recycled. The Collapse-A-Cup Travel mug helps reduces waste, protect natural resources and decrease green house gases.

The Collapse-A-Cup line of travel mugs and travel cups encompass many aspects of sustainability and eco-friendly concerns. Considerations were given to the type of material used to construct the cup, where to manufacture the cup, what type of shipping and packing material to use and finally where to warehouse the cup. The plastic used in the Collapse-A-Cup can easily be recycled, we also manufacture and warehouse locally reducing the negative environmental impact from shipping and we use recycled boxes and packing material to ship the cup.

Our continued commitment means we are always looking at different ways to improve the Collapse-A-Cup. Currently we are investigating the use of plastics made from plant oil. Many of these materials may be good for producing packing material or storage containers but we must be careful using them with food products, it's a slow process, but we will continue to look for better alternatives.