About the Collapse-A-Cup Travel Mug
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About the Collapse-A-Cup

It's been said that necessity is the mother of invention, in this case that's true. I have been an airline pilot, based in New York for 17 years. Flying people around the U.S. Mexico and Canada for that long you can imagine I have seen just about everything a veteran airline employee can see. During my flights I enjoy having a cup of coffee, especially when the flight is delayed two hours, there is bad weather to deal with, and I have been on duty for 10 hours with three or four more hours to go. At such times I consider coffee a necessity! The airlines serve coffee on the flights, but due to the reduced size of airplane coffee cups I would have to interrupt the flight attendants often for refills. Their job is hard enough without having to worry about refilling the captain's coffee.

This led me to start searching for a travel cup that I could put in my flight bag and use during flight. The travel cup would need to meet certain requirements. It should be big enough for me to have a 16 ounce cup of coffee and still be small enough to fit in my flight bag. It should also be easy to clean and never leak any remaining fluid when I put it in my flight case. I soon realized that such a travel cup did not exist.

It's at this point that I began doing some research and sketching prototypes which resulted in the design of the Collapse-A-Cup travel mug. During the research and design process I recognized the impact disposable cups have on our environment and how important a true travel cup is. I realized it could be valuable to everyone that uses a travel cup.

One important aspect of an eco-friendly and sustainable product is convenience. It can be the most eco-friendly product in the world but if it's not convenient to use, people are less likely to use it and not really help our environment. If e-mail was inconvenient to use, would we not still be using regular mail or fax machines? I engineered the Collapse-A-Cup travel mug to be extremely convenient to take with you everywhere. This will encourage reuse and help decrease waste and the impact disposable cups have on our environment.

I designed many convenient features into the Collapse-A-Cup to increase usability, as well as maintaining a eco-friendly manufacturing and shipping process.

User-features include:

  • No Bisphenol A, (BPA).
  • Collapses from nearly 7 inches tall, down to less than 3 inches.
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Double the insulation of standard travel cups.
  • Detachable base allows the Collapse-A-Cup to fit smaller cup holders.
  • Usable sustainability reduces waste.
  • Straw friendly sip hole.
  • Comfort grip.

Manufacturing and shipping features:

  • The Collapse-A-Cup plastic can be recycled.
  • Manufactured and warehouse within 30 miles of each other.
  • Shipping boxes made from recycled material.
  • Packing material made from recycled paper.

The next generation travel cup is the Collapse-A-Cup!